Friday, 5 November 2010

Parting is such sweet sorrow

Following advice from both my girlfriend (who, to be fair, said this from the start) and lately others, I'm going to split the blog up into a football-specific one and the any-other-business one. Hopefully this will mean that anybody who reads this who doesn't, unfathomably, give a damn about football in general or Brighton & Hove Albion in particular, will not have to wade through the increasingly hysterically happy nonsense that's being posted on their progress.

This'll probably happen next week, when I've got time to set up another one for the footy. Any comments or feedback as to the wisdom of this move are welcomed.


  1. I think that would work well. Deck the other one out in blue and white stripes! You can also link them to each other on the sidebar and under your profile (i.e. two blogs, one user).

  2. I think you football people refer to such joyful news as 'back of the net'.