Saturday, 21 May 2011

My best friend's wedding

I believe this was the title of a rom-com some years back. I haven't seen it, but any film made in that name cannot possibly have come anywhere close to conveying the experience my friends, family and I had over the last couple of days at my best mate's wedding. The reality of the expressions of joy, love and happiness and the depth of feeling for both G and R, and for G's late mum, were far more real, far more moving and far more genuine than any film, no matter how well made, how well written, can possibly hope to communicate.

What an absolute joy it is to spend time with such a crowd, to gather for a wedding of two people I humbly suggest are made of the very, very finest stuff, and to pay tribute to the parents, those still with us and those not, who brought those two up. I don't think anybody takes their friends and family for granted if they have any sense in them, but it's not often that we're gifted the chance to show those dear to us just how much they mean to us, to say it out loud, without sounding like we're pissed and maudlin.

This one had it all. A beautiful venue, full of character, sitting in a glorious spot in the most beautiful county in the country, in my humble and admittedly biased opinion. A day of bright sun, blue skies and cooling breeze, just as you'd order it if you could do any such thing, for an outdoor wedding. Staff and suppliers at the venue who worked bloody hard, cheerfully and flexibly, to help make it go off successfully. A band you should think yourself accursed if you've never seen, with a rapper who'd come from New Zealand, New Zealand mind you, for this.

A heart-stoppingly beautiful bride, a groom loved and respected so very much by everybody there, who spoke so sincerely and so movingly, and a crowd of friends and family of the very finest character. Oh and a sing-song round the piano at the bottom of a grand staircase to round it all off. There was even some booze.

It did, truth be told, at times, feel a bit like we were in a film, though a script writer trying to pitch it may have had it rejected as being a bit too feel-good. Any studio would be right to reject it, of course - it would only make for a pale imitation of the fun of the real thing, and how the hell would you cast Chris M? You could never accurately bring his musical stylings and bonhomie to the screen. Oh, and I seem to be the only person at the gathering who can play neither guitar nor piano. A constant stream of talent lining up to entertain everybody just coz they can and they want to. I was quite humbled by all of you.

To anybody reading this who was there, I don't know about you, but I had a bloody great time. It was fun, eh? Congratulations to both G and R. Have a great honeymoon. I look forward to seeing you two grow old together happily. Or older in your case, G. ;o)

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