Monday, 21 June 2010

Deus ex machina

Had a pint with a mate I hadn't seen for a while tonight in a pub not far from Waterloo East, while we watched Spain play what appeared to be the Honduran under-8s, given the one-sided nature of the game. Anyway, after a couple of cold drinks I went downstairs to take my ease and found myself contemplating the machine that they use to sell... well, you know. It was next to the hand dryer, I didn't pause specifically to study the machine, you understand. I'm sure everybody is familiar with what they sell, but this machine was a little different.

Between 'Javelin' and some other priapic-titled prophylactic, 'Jaw-breaker' or something, I forget exactly, there was the option of spending three quid on a blue pill called 'Golden Root', the 'authentic herbal alternative' to a brand which was not named but which was quite obvious. Only one thought on this, really. I know three quid's not a lot of money but would you ingest a pill bought from a condom vending machine in a pub toilet, regardless of its purported purpose? If you would, you're either braver or stupider than I am. G'night.

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