Monday, 10 January 2011

The horror, the horror

In an utterly bewildering process which entirely passed me by, I've been set up with a Facebook account by my girlfriend. I've not done this with any intention of actually doing whatever people do while they're on Facebook and fully expect a flurry of shocked e-mails from people who never thought I'd do such a thing. Indeed, literally within moments of the thing being set up I had 18 e-mails to my personal address, about a week's worth under normal circumstances!

It's rather been set up for the entirely selfish purpose of drawing attention to this, my blog. And, even more self-indulgently, occasionally the pieces I write for Wonderlance. I have no real intention of 'passing the time' or whatever, on the thing. It was, in fact, instructional to me to see just how many people were on it at any one time. I do hope that nobody is bothered by the messages she sent out when she set me up - I'd wanted it to be as passive and unobtrusive as possible but the e-mails currently piling up suggest it hasn't been exactly how I'd hoped.

Never mind - I've passed over to the dark side and it's too late for me, my son. We'll see what effect it has on the numbers passing through here and whether my sceptical mind can be persuaded of the benefits of having done what everybody who understands social networking much better than I do has been urging me to do for some time.

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  1. So the blog wasn't crossing over to the dark side, but Facebook is? Interesting division. :) This is Liz in America, by the way. The place with the crazy gun laws. I always think of Eddie Izzard's bit when people talk about the gun laws. That and the t-shirt that says "Guns don't kill people. People with mustaches kill people."