Friday, 4 February 2011

I couldn't make this up

This is going to sound like a long-winded joke, but I swear this entry relates a genuine event. On my way to work this afternoon, at Imperial Wharf, a bloke (I assume it was a bloke) boarded the train in a full gorilla outfit, full headgear, the works. He also had on a boiler-suit type all black one-piece over the top, from the sleeves of which poked the fur of the gorilla suit arms, like some kind of bizarrely over the top return cuffs. On top of that he had a normal coat, a rucksack and a shopping bag. I assumed he was going to busk for our money, but no. He just took a place on the train like every other commuter and stood there in silence.

The three kids on the carriage stared at him openly, but this is London after all, so everybody else on the carriage, after an initial sidelong glance, continued with their reading/conversation as if there were absolutely nothing out of the ordinary. The two girls sitting next to me did not even break their conversation to remark upon him.

He got off at Shepherd's Bush, passed through the barrier with an Oyster card and then lumbered off in the direction of Shepherd's Bush Green. I have absolutely no idea what business he may have been going about, and for all I know that may have just been a wardrobe choice made necessary due to everything else being in the wash.

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