Thursday, 17 February 2011

Power to the people

In Egypt, they set up barricades, burn vehicles, get the Army on their side and turn up in their hundreds of thousands to camp in the main square of the capital. We do things rather differently here, and of course the matter in hand was considerably less of a demand than complete removal of the head of state, but in our own way, people power is just as strong here.

We fill out an online petition, write strongly-worded letters to our MPs, get actors involved, and save the trees that way. The Government have climbed down on the forest sell-off, with their environment secretary even going so far as to say that they 'got it wrong'.

I strongly suspect that that's not how they actually feel, having stated my belief that they're idealogically compelled to see everything as something they could sell off. But they clearly do see the numbers of voters whose names were on the petition - over 400,000.

I don't, to be honest, care why they've chosen to do so. The main thing was the outcome itself, and the right decision has now been arrived at.

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